Green Tech Repairs Services Offered 

Apple iPhone Repairs 

Have you had an accident with your iPhone, is the screen smashed, cracked, or partially readable - let us replace the screen with an OLED screen of an LCD Screen.

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Apple Computer Repairs 

If your Apple laptop or Apple PC is overheating, has a blue or black screen, water damage, noisy fan, whatever the issue, please get in touch with us. 

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Battery Replacement for Mobile Phones 

Batteries don’t last for ever and for some phones, once they get to 80% capacity, they are in need of replacement, we have access to thousands of batteries, so if your battery is for a Samsung or a Nokia, let’s give your device a boost with a new battery.

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Battery Replacement for iPhones

iPhone batteries once they get to 80%, can start to have issues, we can check your battery health and give your iPhone a new lease of life, with a new battery.  If you are unsure of the model, then please check the exact model by clicking on the link below. 

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Gaming PC - Custom Built 

Whether you play Fortnite or GTA, or if you just need a PC for working from home - we build all PC's according to SPEC and what you use the PC for - we have over 1000 specs  take a look here

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Gaming PC Repairs 

Playing your games, brings all sorts of rewards but, if your GTA is lagging and Flight Sims are not as responsive, then get in touch with us, from the addition of extra RAM, to a larger capacity SSD, then please get in touch with us.

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Hardware Issues 

When your device whether it is a laptop or pc, starts to play up, that’s not a good sign, from the battery not charging, to cracks in the screen and from water damage to keyboards or it just runs slow, please get in touch so we can get your device, back up and running.

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Keypad Replacement

Touch screens are great for inputting data but, there are times when only a working keyboard will do, so if your keyboard, has missing or sticky keys, then please get in touch.

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Mobile Phone Repairs 

These are an essential item, for most people, when it starts to show signs of not doing what it should, from slow charging of the battery, to not being able to hear the person on the other end of the phone, please get in touch so we can get the phone back up and running.

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SSD Replacement 

If you see that your computer starts up slowly, takes a long time to load films and programs, of if your need to keep defragging your HDD, then think about upgrading to a solid state drive.

An SSD will start up faster than an HDD and will load apps, games and other items, more quickly, they will use less energy and produce less heat than a normal HDD.

Please get in touch for your SSD upgrade.

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Software Issues 

Windows updates are really important, they fight against viruses and put in place, all the patches and fix the bugs, sometimes the hard drive struggles with updates and the screen might change and you get the “Blue Screen of Death”, please get in touch if your device is having software issues, from crashing to running slow, or glitching, please contact us.

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Virus Removal

A virus in any form, is never pleasant, on your PC or laptop, it can cause untold damage, unless treated, there are so many different versions but they can do damage, that in some cases will create problems for you, if your suspect a virus, then please get in touch as it could send your data, to those, that would use your data for unwanted purposes.

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Windows Updates

Microsoft is always updating software, not all updates are well received by your device, and it can crash, at times, your hard drive can struggle with updates and there is often “The Blue Screen of Death”. Windows updates correct bugs and shuts out hackers and viruses. When the updates don’t work, please get in touch, software updates are not always easy, for you to fix.

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PC's can work in all environments, from home to office, we can build them all, let us know what work environment you are in and we can build the PC, whether you are a recording artist or a photographer, there is a WORKSTATION we can  build for you - just click here.

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